De-Renting, Why?

What is de-renting? 

Its a shift from traditional rentals to short term rentals.

But Why? 

There are five major reasons:

  1. Stop Rental Decay: No Matter how good your tenants, the usage of the property 24/7 leads to decay of the house. Just think about it how long do you use hotel room on a vacation viz-a-vis your own home.
  2. Value Preservation: Traditional Renter has no meat in the property, so net result is “I don’t Care”. With short-term renting, less decay and more value retention.
  3. Pro-Active Maintenance instead of corrective repairs. Traditional Renters being less cared, lead to delayed repairs and thus much costlier Maintenance, no access or regular inspection leads to neglect and corrective, instead or pro-active repairs.
  4. Stop Alienation from the property: Once rented, you have no access to your own property, so no way to see what is going wrong due to usage or mishandling.
  5. Win-Win Situation, you keep your home as well as your income, actively maintained property retains and increases value, property kept in immaculate condition and always staged so not only you get the returns, you get appreciation as well as complete control of your property.


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